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Battle of the Teal Event.

The Inaugural Student’s Showcase Battle of the Teal – 4EDU event will be held at the historical 13455 Dressler Ave, Garfield OH 44105 on Saturday, June 10, 2017 with capacity of approx. 300 seats. The Battle of the Teal – 4EDU is a fun-filled fundraising event addressing the college debt epidemic in America and the importance of taking preventative measures  to save preK-12 grade students by rewarding them for their academic achievements so that they will not experience extensive college debt in the future. Chosen by popular vote, ten acts will showcase their artistic talents. Local and national celebrity judges will cast their votes and award the winners. Contestants won’t only battle for the trophy and bragging rights, but will help raise awareness and money for the cause. Who will be this year’s champion?

Looking Forward to the RETURN in 2017